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While i wait for the hiatos to end i decided to post about this series, with a volume cover along with some information for those that want to pick the series.

Let's start

Part 1: What is a Hunter?

It seems like after Dragon Ball, every shonen centers around a certain "profession" or way of life, in Naruto it is ninjas, in One Piece it's pirates, in Bleach it's shinigamies, in Fairy Tail it's mages, in Toriko it's food itself and in Reborn! it's mafia. So, from the title itself you can see that Hunter X Hunter centers on hunters.

But what is a Hunter?

In the universe of this manga, Hunters are individuals who devote themselves to tracking down priceless items, mystical places, and the unseen wonders of the world. However, to be classified as an Hunter, that person also has to get through the "Hunter Examination", after passing it, they get a Hunter License.

I will talk about more of the Hunter License later, but the license gives its owner multiple benefits, including the possibility to commit murder without facing any charges. Due to this fact, many people are interested in becoming Hunters, even if only to have a better life.

The ones who test and pass potential hunters are part of the Hunter Association, which is headed by a chairman. The chairman could be considered the leader of all hunters, since he's the one who looks after the organization.

Certain Hunters can be awarded with stars and entitled to different licenses issued by the Hunters Association for significant contributions to society.

  • 1 Star (Single Hunter) - Given to hunters who have made a significant contribution to a part of society.
  • 2 Star (Double Hunter) - Given to hunters who have made significant contributions to several fields.
  • 3 Star (Triple Hunter) - Given to hunters who have made extraordinary contributions to society over several fields. This is the rarest and most difficult rank to obtain, and is considered a great honor. The number of 3-Star hunters is about 10.

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