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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

Ill say this Milost. Ill watch it again and ill read those interviews you mentioned, because i havent. And it all might make me see those scenes in a different way. If i end up feeling like it makes more sense then ill tell you that you're right. I have no problem doing that.

I do know that Burton finds his first movie to be boring and without substance. I dont think it's boring at all. They're both entertaining movies. If there is any substance i find that it's in 89 and not Batman Returns. So again, me and Mr. Burton disagree lol. If there's some substance it's down to a couple of tiny scenes between Bruce and Alfred or when he visits the site when his parents were killed. But they're so quick that i can't really call the movie a film of substance. It's how i view Man Of Steel. Really enjoyed the movie. There are a couple of really quick scenes that show some substance or weight, but they vanish and so i mainly look at MOS as a popcorn sci-fi/superhero movie. Of course im not comparing, as i think there's so much more creativity with the Burton visuals.

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