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Default Re: Super-soldier Action Thread

Q: Can you talk about the new fighting style?

I remember when I first met with the Russos… Has anyone played the Captain America video game? I love it. And I don't like video games. But I loved it because I liked the way Cap moves. He moves so well and beats ass. This is how he should be moving. He doesn't just have speed and power. He's been training. He's got the frame of mind to absorb this information, so you can imagine with his training and abilities, the guy should really be dangerous and we should show this. It's not just taking Jason Bourne, if Bourne can do it, Cap should be flying through these things. We're turning up his power and his speed, so the fights are a bit more grisly.

Q: The use of the shield Cap had in the video game was great.

Yes! The shield and the acrobatics. He's flipping off things and using his environments. It wasn't just punch, punch, kick, kick.

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