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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK..FALSE ALARM SHE'S BEEN CUT) - Part

Originally Posted by Farren View Post
Yeah I was thinking that too...I see three likely possibilities right now.

1) The above: she's just in a flashback or computer file or heavily referenced

2) She's just in some sort of "yay we fixed the future and now look all is perfect and everyone is alive" final scene (I could see why Singer would be playing it ambiguous in that case)

3) She was originally cut back in December, but since then the film-makers are scrambling trying to reverse it a bit/do some editing/reshoot triage to keep her in somehow

Or some mishmash of all the above. Right now I'm leaning towards #2.
I agree that the second one is most likely. Even if it isn't a "happy we fixed everything" scene, maybe a "crap, we tried to fix everything and made it worse" scene for Apocalypse, I think the alternate future is a way to include a bunch of people that weren't in the rest of the movie for whatever reason. They would be quick scenes to film, could be kept really quite, and if the original trilogy cast is planned for some upcoming movie, the alternate future would be a way to set them up for the next film, without requiring them to be in DOFP original timeline. So hopefully Rogue shows up at the end at the very least.

It is also possible that she might just be lurking around in the back of some scenes, I don't really know why, but she might have shot some group scenes where she has 1 line, and they kept the 1 line cause the rest of the scene was good. So she'll appear but not really do anything of consequence.

Oh well, I'll wait and find out in May.

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