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Default Re: Tomb Raider (2013) - Part 1

hmm I'm not sure how this happened but i know that the Dev's them selves made the comparison with pc as we see just a page over in both video and article. and they said they made this version with console to be the better version on the ps4 as they said it just turned out that way there. and it's them and the console makers that are always saying the Xbone and ps4 are pc's them selves or on par.

Now After making this statement now I don't care to talk about further cause I don't care about people throwing fit's where there never should be one, on what the makers are discussing them selves to the press.

On the topic's of news on the sequel when they start that Topic up again it'll be put up. it's just the way thing's are, you can only do so, when they make it available .

the games fun wish there was just a bit more story to it. but it's most-likely in the sequel. just have to wait ti they're ready to talk about that again

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