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Default Re: Libertarian Robert Sarvis, who ran for Governor, now running for Senate.

Originally Posted by hippie_hunter View Post
And here's one thing that makes absolutely no sense. Voters who would vote for a libertarian like Sarvis, would not go off and vote for a progressive like McAuliffe. Going from one end to the other makes no logical sense.
IIRC, Sarvis was more liberal on social issues than McAuliffe, so that probably have played a factor. 1/3 of women get abortions, so it's not something you can just ignore.

The only way a two-party system is broken is if you switch the voting model in the United States from FPTP to proportional.
I don't support proportional because it requires political parties to exist. I think Approval Voting is much better, since it is simpler, and easy to implement, and doesn't cause spoilers. I also support electoral fusion. If more spoilers happen, then those who support the losing candidates would push for these alternate voting methods.

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