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Default Re: Libertarian Robert Sarvis, who ran for Governor, now running for Senate.

Originally Posted by enterthemadness View Post
The Republican lost in Virginia cause he just didn't bring his A game. Can't go around blaming the other guy. That's not mature. This is a free nation...anybody can run for office, regardless if they are basically a spoiler or not.
Here's the thing. Anyone can run. But Sarvis' reasons were just dumb. It was like how "pure" conservatives chastise someone who doesn't act 100% conservative and it often hurts the cause. "Pure" libertarians chastised Cuccinelli for no good reason and as a result we don't have a libertarian in charge of Virginia. We don't have someone who could have proven that libertarian ideology works in power.

And it didn't help that until the very last minute, the GOP wrote off Cuccinelli.

It should tell you something that even with Ron and Rand Paul endorsing the GOPer, enough libertarians and voters in general went to the LP guy.
Because McAuliffe successfully painted Cuccinelli as an extreme wack-job evangelical who was going to outlaw abortion and ban sodomy. And Cuccinelli was dumb enough to let those attacks stand so he could placate the evangelical base.

Also, there are libertarians like myself that lean more left than to the right. I don't hate Big Gov't as much I say I do's well meaning, but generally doesn't work like it should on paper.
Here's the thing though, we need to start acting practical. We had a really good shot of getting a libertarian in a major seat of power that would have given much needed momentum for the libertarian faction within the GOP to gain more influence within the party. Sarvis helped to squander it. And it's all because libertarian purists who were dumb enough to fall for McAuliffe's advertisements and looked at Cuccinelli's personal life pulled a Tea Party on us.

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