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Default Re: Libertarian Robert Sarvis, who ran for Governor, now running for Senate.

Originally Posted by SV Fan View Post
That is BS, many people who decide to vote Libertarian are one issue voters and like the way the libertarian candidate doesn't cut any bones about how he feels(instead of talking like a politician).
People tend to vote in line with their ideological tendencies. People who lined with Sarvis, would be more ideologically closer to Cuccinelli than they would with McAuliffe. Libertarianism goes far more than just social issues.

Seriously, people just don't make that massive of a shift in second choices.

Look at Ron Paul he got alot of support from anti-war and pro-drug liberals for instance because unlike a "legit" candidate, Ron Paul cut no bones how he felt about those 2 issues. I am guessing many of those anti war and/or pro drug people weren't exactly on the same wavelength about many other issues.
Not really. Even with the anti-war, pro-legalization message that Paul espoused, he was still VERY vocal about his Austrian economic views. If they didn't agree with the core of Paul's message (i.e. economics), and just supported his anti-war, pro-drug stances, they wouldn't vote for Paul. They'd vote Democrat.

Your entire premise is based on people being completely irrational. People can be stupid, misinformed, or just flat out ignorant, but most are not irrational.

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