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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by theShape View Post
The lack of CGI must be what's turned him off of it.
Lack of CGI? I remember reading interviews on the making of Alice In Wonderland (2010) about how it bothered Burton that he didn't have anything for him and the actors to shoot to b/c it was mostly green screen and nothing practical. Which was the opposite of C&TCF (though it did use CG when it required it) since he was happy to have sets that he and the cast could shoot and act to. In the commentary for POTA he talked about how the studio wanted the apes digital instead of using actors in make up. Fox got there way a decade later in the reboot thanks to Avatar In Big Fish the studio or sfx guys talked about having the circus stuff performed digitally but not by real circus performers and Burton was against that as well. Originally for Mars Attacks! Burton wanted the martians to be created using stop motion effects. But the studio and sfx team convinced Burton into making 'em digital b/c it would be cheaper that way. Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie (2012) are both stop motion animated movies. Burton may have lost his touch, but he hasn't lost his desire to use practical effects whenever possible.

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