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Default Re: Libertarian Robert Sarvis, who ran for Governor, now running for Senate.

Originally Posted by hippie_hunter View Post
Here's the thing. Anyone can run. But Sarvis' reasons were just dumb. It was like how "pure" conservatives chastise someone who doesn't act 100% conservative and it often hurts the cause. "Pure" libertarians chastised Cuccinelli for no good reason and as a result we don't have a libertarian in charge of Virginia. We don't have someone who could have proven that libertarian ideology works in power.

Ummm...Gary Johnson ran New Mexico for 8 years as a Republican who was really a libertarian. And then many years later he saw the light--and by light got pissed off by the GOP and went into the Libertarian Party.

I also really think Gary Johnson is a good thing for the LP's future. Granted, the future there is mixed cause of Johnson's new-ish PAC that supports libertarian-Republicans.

Originally Posted by hippie_hunter View Post
Or maybe, just maybe, a lot of people tend to vote third party because that is where they lean ideologically. My friend votes Green because that's where he lies when the Democrat isn't left enough for him. I often vote Libertarian when I find myself agreeing more with the Libertarian candidate than the Republican candidate.

It's called being a rational voter. People often just don't throw away their vote that doesn't have any meaning.
Here's the thing....I really hate the GOP. I don't want to vote for them...but from what I've seen, read and know of Huntsman Jr, Rand Paul and Justin Amash...those are the only people that would make me second and third guess myself voting for the LP. Who am I voting for in 2016. Gary Johnson if he runs--yes, even if he runs as a GOPer--I'll admit it, I'd vote for him. I've said it...make it into a damn sig....I really don't think he'd go back to the GOP though...cause of Rand Paul blocking him getting nomination. I know I read Libertarians or Republicans wanted him to run for the Senate in 2014...


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