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Default Re: Agents of SHIELD TV series for ABC - General Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
If they made her a shape-shifting dragon, I would stop watching the program. It would be one of the worst decisions if all time, like adding nipples to Robin's costume.
I don't actually think Skye will become a shape-shifting dragon, but I do really believe that Killian will, and both Killian and Trevor are known to Hydra's empire as "Masters" and "Kings"..."The Dragon" is just one more title Killian owns, his true codename/symbol/role in Ultron and the Masters' plans....
The Hydra is secretly everywhere now, and only Steve can see past the false names.

I think Skye has some sort of past that ties into a battle between Shield and Hydra that never really ended.

Shape-shifting dragon is a long shot for way Skye would connect to that. I'm operating under the assumption that certain things are already all connected, and we're part of a much bigger universe now...we just don't know it yet, especially with all the false faces and false names for things, which Killian was already sick of...

There are certain things from IM3 i believe will be expanded on later, like why Killian had tech that was capable of gaining a "live feed" into his brain. More about Killian's hacking skills, how he hacked the president's phone, and could hack the brain as well as genetics. "The Clairvoyant knows what the President dreams about" Some ppl working with them knew what every area of the brain did, gave Trevor certain surgeries, made him do things "no one should do", and the Mandarin persona was sort of brainwashed into Trevor, like how they brainwashed/hypnotized Bucky to be Winter Soldier...Trevor's real mind was there and not there. Mandarin was intended to mass hypnotize the TV audience of the Marvel world.

Killian and Trevor are part of a much larger conspiracy, have basically already hypnotized/pre-conditioned the world for Ultron.... and pre-programmed Jarvis with the trigger word "cranberries" without anyone knowing exactly how things will connect before it's too late... Or being able to "predict" the "big one" Mandarin prepared people for, before it happens, like Shield wants to. Using all sorts of forms of reverse psychology and misdirections to keep the audience guessing, keep some of the Marvel TV audience thinking Trevor was real Mandarin, until Ultron can position him as a figurehead of the globe....Most of the world won't listen to Ultron at first, he's not human, they fear him, but many minds in the world still fear and respect this man's image when it returns and starts making demands for Ultron...Many ppl in the prison never got the full story on Killian, and only know what they saw on TV/parts of what were in the papers. Hydra anticipated this, but Hydra doesn't expect Ultron will make all their decades of planning obsolete, and overthrow what is almost their world in a matter of minutes..The Dragon and Mandarin both have a spot in Ultron's Masters, and return to terrorize Tony..."We all create our own demons" applies to many things, the dragon emerges from Killian's mind...Tony invents a shape-shifting suit that comes out of him... Some of their worst enemies return, but their worst enemies are themselves and Ultron...The early Masters and the Avengers must form a temporary truce to sort out the problem they all had a hand in creating...

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