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Default Re: Agents of SHIELD TV series for ABC - General Discussion - Part 7

The way Killian says i am the Mandarin deliberately echoes the way Tony said I am Iron Man in Iron Man 1. It's the same as Iron Man 1, it's not the exact same as Iron Man 3...Killian and Trevor are still at the start of a character arc... Killian isn't saying he's the Mandarin in the same way Tony says I am Iron Man again in IM3.
This can be confusing But Feige did mention there are certain roadsigns and subtle things in IM3 that help you predict, but not yet understand how things MIGHT come together.

We don't see Iron Man actually become "a part" of him until IM3.
Technological mind control, and hypnotism form a large part of it.
The mind, and Tony controlling the suit with his mind was a big part of IM3. Killian knew what every area of the brain did. Tony's subconsciousness was almost linked to the suit. His mind is now linked to the suit. Killian put chips inside brains, might know much more about the mind. It wasn't Tony's physical brain that was the problem...Jarvis knew the brain was fine, and diagnosed the panic attacks, but couldn't analyze and interpret the dreams, there's more going on in his mind/subconscious than the physical symptoms the body is showing. He makes the Iron Man alter-ego a part of him by the end. The panic attacks stop, but at the end of the story Tony is still telling this story to Banner, and obsessing over this new story. PTSD can lead to/co-exist with OCD, maybe Mandarin handled his panic attacks, but now there's full-blown OCD.

The Mandarin persona might not be a part of Killian in the same way the Iron Man persona is "a part" of Tony by the end of that movie. It can still come apart. Tony went through things as Iron Man, that Killian never went through as Mandarin.. Rhodey still prefers the War Machine codename.
I'm just saying there's a lot of curious things in IM3, like why Killian calls Trevor a Master repeatedly. In my theory they're both Masters, covered up some stuff, and they're working together to supply Hydra with super soldiers. Centipede is just an alternative approach to that.
Zodiac is one of the many false faces.It all comes back to Hydra in CA2.

What I'm saying is Killian is more arrogant than egotistic. He doesn't really believe he's "the best" in the same way Tony does at the start of the movie, or the same way The King thinks he's the best. Trevor might have the type of ego that wants to be seen. They played to Tony's ego in some ways to set things up in advance, I just don't know the fine details yet.. Killian superficially took credit for the Mandarin like Tony did in IM1. Killian created the Mandarin idea, but so did The Dragon in the comics, and the filmmakers once said FFF is kinda hidden in the film, the tattoo forms a link between the two, Sometimes The Dragon did control the Mandarin's mind. But they eventually become their own characters.

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