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Default Re: Agents of SHIELD TV series for ABC - General Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
Or ya know, Killian was Killian and Trevor was Trevor.

That's what I'll assume until shown otherwise. No need to add things to characters in future outings that are out of place from the original appearance. (We'll see what the Trevor One-Shot does for the character(s), if anything.)

I'd also like Skye to just be Skye and not have powers laying dormant or be an alien or any of that stuff, but I'm willing to be very open to that as the show moves along.
That's gonna be kinda hard to do, after finding out that she is officially classified as an 084, and that an entire Chinese village, a squad of top SHIELD agents, and some unknown bad guys died trying to protect, capture, or kill her when she was just a baby. Skye is not "just Skye" anymore. Not by a long shot.


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