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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 29

Some of Jennifer Lawrence's worst acting in FC was during the attack of the Hellfire Club at the CIA HQ. Watch her run around and scream. Also watch Banshee at one point breathing very heavily. Again really bad acting.

Bacon was just pure cheese (no pun intended). His powers just looked very poorly conceived. Also at the end when Xavier froze him and prevented him from putting helmet back on, I'm pretty sure he's not supposed to be moving, but there he was moving his arms and eyes. So distracting. I was fidgeting in that theater throughout that entire scene but I suspect not for the reasons the director intended.

Beast was ok if you didn't think of him as Beast. And he was ok up to until he turned into a muppet. I'm worried that we haven't really seen this Beast in DOFP talk yet. I hope Singer has corrected this.

The transition scenes in the FC were also really bad.

Don't get me wrong Bryan's two films also had bad performances. But they were mostly henchmen and smaller parts. Also as has been stated Halle also had some questionable acting (Kelly's "death" scene), but Singer has better control of his actors.

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