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Default Re: Cap 3 Should Have The Final Infinity Stone

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
Wasn't the Bloodstone literally Ulysses Bloodstone's skeleton?
It was his heart. I'd like to see him be somebody who's been long dead for thousands of years and is part of legend. After his death, his heart created the Savage Land which is where the Bloodstone is located as the original story involved mummies, Incans, etc and my idea is a lot more focused as well as opening up a new area that hasn't been seen before and rams home that the Bloodstone is the Time gem.

Assuming that Batroc survives TWS, I'd like to see him return alongside Zemo as part of Hydra where his henchmen would be replaced with Taskmaster, Grim Reaper and Bravo since I don't think that there are too many people who are dying to see Zaran appear on film.

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