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Default Re: Should the new Batman movies go fantastical?

Originally Posted by Oswald View Post
You're talking about secondary details not essential in the Batman mythos: the story of a man (a millionaire) traumatized with a violent and unpredictable event who develops a terrifying character in order to avoid it happens again. Bruce Wayne is in the peak of the mental and physical human condition, BUT he's still human, he does nothing a human (with a lot of millions, ok) can't achieve to do. Their enemies are as human as him, and they reflect their own weakness and fears. The things people use to stand up for the idea that Batman is fantastical aren't keys in the story: see the example of the Joker's look, Nolan changed the chemical bath (a pulp idea, typical of comic) for some "war paints" and the spirit of the character remained intact. And this applies to almost every aspect in his mythology.
Rubbish. There is no way that a human can be stronger than the best Olympic weightlifter, more agile than the best Olympic gymnast, have more stamina and endurance than the best Olympic long distance runner, as proficient in dozens of different martial arts styles, as intelligent as the greatest scientist and as brilliant as the greatest detective. It's just not physically or mentally possible.

Batman isn't realistic at all. Batman could not exist in the real world, even if he's as rich as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson combined.

Anywayyyy I'd like to see a more stylish take on Batman. I like the Nolan trilogy, I LOVE the first two films. But if you're going to reboot or re-imagine something, do it differently, don't try and imitate what came before. Whoever makes the next Batman films (my choice is Alfonso Cuaron) they need to bring their own style and sensibilities, just like what Burton and Nolan did.

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