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Default Re: DOFP vs other 2014 ComicsMovies Thread [Buzz, BoxOffice and more] - Part 2

Originally Posted by Zarex View Post
The Empire magazine cover release was a neat bit of promotion, but I don't see how it expands the DOFP audience away from the hardcore X-Men fan base.
If releasing 25 magazine covers featuring every individual character thus advertising new and original characters as well as fan favourites to the masses isn't expanding the audience, I don't know what is.

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
The next trailer needs

1) to sum up the story in a few key dialogue/action moments
2) to show quick clips of some kick-ass action
3) to show off a good selection of varied, appealing characters, not just Wolverine. I would hope some of the more interesting newcomers like Blink are featured.
Agreed. Though the first teaser did feature numerous characters

Originally Posted by jaymes_e06 View Post
Of course people watched his trailer. Everyone was aware the second movie would be coming out after the first. Cap Amer is a starter franchise and DOFP was something no one was looking for to begin with everyone knew there would be a sequel to TASM so I'm not surprised he got the most views.
The Winter Soldier is the second Captain America movie though, not a starter franchise. It's a continuation and like Spidey it was only a matter of time that there'd be a sequel for Cap.

Originally Posted by Green Goblin View Post
I'm hoping Cap 2 doesn't dumb anything down like the first one did.

Iron Man 3 and AOS haven't exactly restored my confidence, IMO they were big disappointments for me. I hope Cap 2 near the quality of Iron Man or The Avengers.
I loved the First Avenger but was disappointed with Iron Man 3 and Thor 2. That coupled with my dislike of Widow and SHIELD may make me wait for TWS to hit the home entertainment market, will see how reviews go.

Originally Posted by Josh Trank
In this day and age people have come to expect that artists are going to give everybody information about what they’re doing, but not every artist is like that. I’m not really like that. If I was painting a picture I wouldn’t want to take a picture of a single paint stroke. I’d rather show people what it looks like when it’s done.

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