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Default Re: Should the new Batman movies go fantastical?

Originally Posted by Oswald View Post
Batman is a ****ing hyperbole, is it so difficult to understand? He doesn't necessarily have to be the master in everything, he's just a man without powers who has prepared himself very good in a lot of disciplines in order to catch the "bad guys". You're staying in the details and ignoring the essence of the character.
You just admitted it yourself then. Batman is a hyperbole. Therefore, he is not realistic.

The tragedy and the characterisation itself might be realistic. There are crazy people out there. I could totally buy someone becoming obsessed with fighting crime after witnessing a tragedy. It's probably already happened many times before. And they are probably now 6 foot under and pushing up daisies.

But if a billionaire watched his parents get gunned down and tried to come back as a vigilante, no amount of training and gadgets would allow him to survive longer than a week. Messing around with real criminals like gang bangers etc would see him shot in the face with a shotgun. Or he'd go leaping from rooftop to rooftop and plummet to his death.

Anyone who thinks Batman isn't fantastical is obviously not living in the real world themselves. I think SuperFerret is trying to say that the world Batman is in, where his main enemies are mobsters etc, a grounded world, Bats does look the odd one out. Whereas the world Superman is in, with intergalactic warlords and super advanced AIs, he isn't the odd one out because it's all consistent.

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