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Default Re: Parks and Recreation - Part 2

That fenced-off, dark field where Leslie and Ann sat and said their goodbyes is really the same empty lot where 'The Pit' was in the very first episode! That large vacant plot has sat empty during the entire time Parks and Rec has been in production, and they've used it many times.

It was the site of both the Harvest Festival and the Winter Festival, and the big Leslie/Ben engagement/wedding party under a huge tent.

And interestingly, though it is completely common and non-distinctive, they keep coming back to film at 'Ann's house', which really is right behind that lot! That's where everyone stood at the curb and said their goodbyes at the end of the episode. (They also have used a restaurant around the corner from us for 'J.J.'s Diner' about a dozen times.)

I was intrigued by the final shot of the episode, when Chris and Ann drive off for Michigan and the camera cranes up for a look at the town -- and a huge body of water stretches along the horizon! (The foreground is the actual street Ann lives on, but the town and water were added digitally). I had always thought Pawnee was supposed to be somewhere in central Indiana . . . but this seems to imply it is right on the shore of Lake Michigan! Kinda odd, since no one on the show has ever mentioned the lake or visited it.


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