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Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
I think good writing can make any character work best, and I think either of those characters fit the story.

And a lot of what we've heard about Natasha's dynamic with Steve has applied to Sharon in the comics, and could apply to her in film.

Mostly, I think the decision to cast Natasha as female lead is a lot more to do with what's best for Marvel Studios than what's best for this particular movie. She's a more easily recognizable character and played by a more bankable actress.
One of the first things you learn about good writing is you don't force it. You don't make a character work, the character works or the character doesn't. It has to be natural.

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
It's a bit too early to make claims like that. This complaints do seem to come down to essentially "the character who's getting the focus isn't the one that I WANT to get the focus and therefore it's a mistake." That's not a flaw with the movie or it's narrative, that's just people being angry that they're own personal preference isn't happening, at least not yet.
Agree. Which is why saying Sharon should be the lead without having seen how the film and its narrative plays out is just sour grapes.

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