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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

The only thing that turned me off SR was the fact that Singer not only tried to emulate the StarCraft commander ("Are you willing to go all the way?") cut scene with Lex on the kryptonite island, he even tried to copy the dialogue style... (Which in Starcraft was, you show the commander of a battlecruiser smoking a cigar, zoom in on a ticking clock for 7 minutes [I'm exagerating a bit here], no dialogue or music whatsoever, then the oneliner "are you willing to go all the way, Commander?") That irked me off to no end b/c 1. It's very boring and 2. It only worked for StarCraft.

(P.S.: It's equivalent in SR was showing Lex smoking a cigar, playing poker with his cronies. It goes on for about 7 minutes, no dialogue, no action, no music. Then, "Lex, are millions of people gonna die?" from the mistress... "Not millions, billions" says Lex)...

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