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Default Re: PRETEND! It's a restart, name your dream CAST/DIRECTOR/COMPOSER

Lol. I really lol at this thread. But, I'm being 100% serious here.

The way to do a proper reboot:

Directors: Wachowski brothers
Superman: Keanu Reeve
Composer: Danny Elfman (or the "John Williams/Jerry Goldsmith" of our time)

Additional: Have someone oversee Wachowski's work. I didn't really like the childish spagheti scene in Speed Racer, or the confusing overlap between Speed and his brother in the starting sequence (didn't really get that scene until another rewatch). Other than that, I thought Speed Racer was visually stunning and well done, albeit the plot was a little thin...

Also, don't let the Wachowskis repeat anything Matrixy. They've been overdone. The Wachowskis are good at creating something new though...

Next, Speed Racer didn't flop at the box office b/c of the Wachowskis, it flopped b/c everyone already knew the plot (even if they haven't watched the original TV show), how it would end: Speed will win the race. Same like Cloud Atlas, nobody could relate to the type of story presented. But, everyone can relate to Superman, and everyone can relate to the Matrix. It's like Disney always wanted to do Star Wars (Toy Story 2, Tron Legacy anyone?) and now they gots the chance(s). The Wachowskis always wanted to do "Superman", give them the chance and it could turn out spectacular! They changed the industry with "bullettime" and rippling glass before it shatters. I am certain they will revolutionize a Superman reboot.

Additionally, why I loved Speed Racer so much, even though box office suffered and got mixed reviews: That scene at the end where Racer X goes, "If I did make a mistake, it's a decission I have to live with." Wow! The way the camera pans around Racer X, freezes, then unfreezes to deliver his line, that's art man! 25 stars over 10 stars. We need to see more revolutionary stuff like this in film-making (and a Superman reboot). Ang Lee tried to have the different-camera-angle-picture-in-picture in a few scenes in Hulk. That is something I will always appreciate, not being afraid to try something new or different...

Lastly, I would hate to see a mostly CGI Superman. I'd rather they green screen Keanu... Also, I hate explitcitly sexual content (Matrix 2 + 3). This movie should be rated PG not X.

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