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Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
One of the first things you learn about good writing is you don't force it. You don't make a character work, the character works or the character doesn't. It has to be natural.
Any character is the result of writing.

Someone could write Sharon in a way that serves the story well.

Someone could take Natasha and fail to deliver on any of the points that make her a good fit.

Originally Posted by OccamsTaser View Post
You may not have outright stated that it is a mistake, but your comment that Natasha being the female lead is not "what's best for this particular movie" certainly implied that it is a mistake.
No, my comment that whats best for the movie might not have been the main reason behind Marvel's decision.

Originally Posted by OccamsTaser View Post
And as for Natasha being played by a more "bankable actress," it's not like Marvel couldn't have cast a well-known, popular actress as Sharon. They just chose to cast some random basic TV girl instead.
Well, there isn't a more bankable actress than Scarlett Johansson. Not in the desired age range, at least.

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