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Default Is Man of Steel the 'Godfather' of Comic Book Films?

Armond White thinks so

Thanks to Zack Snyder’s artistry, Man of Steel is The Godfather of superhero movies.

I remember when The Dark Knight first came out everybody was saying it was a live action comic book, and thats one of the reasons why they loved it so much.

Man of Steel is to me, the first time I really saw a comic/animated series Superman on the big screen. By the time I saw Superman battle the World Engine defenses, it was a done deal. Seeing Superman dart around trying to avoid 'mechanical' arms was something I'd only hope to see in the Animated Series. Seeing it in Live Action was astonishing.

So thats just part of the reason I think it is the 'Godfather' of Comic Book films. Its more faithful to the comics then The Dark Knight. The entire film is taken more seriously then your average comic book movie. Not just in tone but in dialogue, the plot, etc. The cheese you'd expect in such a genre slashed. Full of powerful moments, astonishing special effects, memborable characters and more.

To me The Avengers is the 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' of Comic Book films, but Man of Steel is the 'Godfather' of Comic Book Films.

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