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Default Re: Is Man of Steel the 'Godfather' of Comic Book Films?

Originally Posted by bluearth View Post
I feel like your criticizing some fans for 'jumping to conclusions', but everyone does this.
Does that make it reasonable or worthy?

In many cases, like the ones I mentioned, it's more like wishful thinking. Conclusion implies a reasoning behind the statement you can follow. So far I cannot see one single element in MOS that's truly comparable to The Godfather.

Originally Posted by bluearth View Post
James Cameron said Gravity is the best Space film ever made. Lots of people were saying Pacific Rim was this generation's Jurassic Park. Lots of people, ranging from someone like Cameron to an average fan jump to conclusions. Cameron or the fan could be right or wrong, but in the end its just opinion. Im trying to see how many opinions agree or disagree with the poll's question.
Ok, I disagree for the aforementioned reasons.

Originally Posted by bluearth View Post
Also, the poll is Man of Steel the 'Godfather' of Comic Book films, not the Godfather of movies in general. It doesnt have to have better acting then The Godfather, just better acting then other comic book films, for example.
Nolan's bat-movies still have that IMO. Not saying the acting in MOS was bad, but what Ledger, Caine, Freeman and some others did is still visibly better.

But I'd say that in many regards, I'd put MOS over many Marvel movies that are considered successful.

Originally Posted by bluearth View Post
Is Man of Steel the new standard of comic book films, in terms of the complete package, acting, action, story, faithfulness to the comics, etc etc.
I'd say again that Nolan have this title. And, in fact, what MOS did (or tried to do) was following Nolan (the true referent/standard IMO).

Now, the faithfulness of MOS. I ignore if the Godfather was specially faithful to the book, or if its faithfulness is considered a special attribution of the movie. What I know is that MOS was not specially faithful (whether that is bad or good is a different thing); I'd say it had remarkable differences from the original story. In that sense, Superman the Movie is still much more faithful to the comics in comparison.

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