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Default Re: Is Man of Steel the 'Godfather' of Comic Book Films?

Originally Posted by bluearth View Post
Is Man of Steel the new standard of comic book films, in terms of the complete package, acting, action, story, faithfulness to the comics, etc etc.
Not it is not. It is a good film and I enjoyed it a lot. But it is not a masterpiece. Or anywhere near it. Has too many flaws in terms of characterisation, pacing and story structure for me.

TDK, Spider-Man 2 and The Avengers are still the best superhero films.

The Godfather is well... The Godfather. Everything about it is so tight. All films have flaws but with a film like The Godfather you have to go looking for them, they don't jump out at you. That is how you can tell a film is truly great or not.

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