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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

My issue with Superman Returns is the fact that it tried so very hard to be a sequel to Superman The Movie, yet lacked the charisma that S:TM had. You can cast an actor that looks and sounds like Christoper Reeve, but Reeve nailed the duality of the characters. His Clark was affable, and his Superman was the embodiment of hope. Statuesque yet charming.

Routh had the appearance and the voice, but lacks the acting chops to pull off the duality of the character. maybe it was the script or the directing that limited Routh, but in other films I have seen him in, made me feel that he is just not a good actor.

I understand that Returns was supposed to be a bit more somber in tone. I get that it is about Kal-el trying to find his place in a world that seemingly moved on from him. But it is a stupid notion. He had spent more time on Earth than on Krypton. He was raised as an earthling by loving parents who protected him and raised him with the values that made him the beacon of hope that he is. So, to believe that he would just up and abandon the world that provided him everything (love, kindness, friends, family, food...) just to try to find remnants of a dead planet he has no connection to, other than the soil he was born on seems ridiculous and very uncharacteristic.

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