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Originally Posted by marcvader View Post
Maybe they're setting her up for Cap 3?
They've said as much, but I'm doubting the sincerity of their attempt.

Word (seen in the link above) is coming in that her role is a "glorified cameo".

So as that would imply little involvement in the plot and character development, her character will be overshadowed by the others (Sam, Bucky, and most of all Natasha) all of whom Steve will have significant interactions with.

So come CA3's production, in what is likely Cap's last solo, who are fans (and the crew) going to be more interested in, the inactive SHIELD agent, or the three other characters who have been through thick and thin with Cap?

As Cap 3 will have four leads, plus whatever villains, they might just not bother with Sharon much. Have Steve be celibate, or pair him with Natasha.

Admittedly, this is all academic as we haven't seen the movie yet. But the writing's on the wall.

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