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Additionally, about that 'glorified cameo' comment. I actually follow that gossip blog, and the writer, Sarah, is not a fan of Sharon at all. From LaineyGossip

I am not a fan of Cap’s comic book love, Sharon Carter. It’s just so *****ing creepy—he loved her (great)aunt, Peggy, in World War II and then falls for Sharon in the present day? How would any self-respecting woman be okay with that? And Sharon is not very popular with the comic geeks, partly for that reason and partly because she’s just a horribly written character. I will continue to hope for any other love interest for Cap, even if it means tossing Black Widow’s awesome backstory with the Winter Soldier out the window, because Sharon Carter sucks.
So that dislike could be coloring her comment, similar to the way someone who dislikes Black Widow would claim that she was only in the Avengers for T&A. It's pretty obvious that Sharon's role is going to be small. However, hopefully it could still be important.

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