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Default Re: The Official Avengers: Age of Ultron Fan art & Manips thread

Originally Posted by cph9fa View Post
So even as I was doubtfully posting my speculative red/green/gold Coulson-Vision, credible rumors are breaking that there will be a white Bettany-Vision. A few tweaks later and voila!

Note, I kept the real eyes because, the fact that they're looking at white face powders suggests they'll keep it practical. Also couldn't really take the suit color to full-white without wiping out the background, so this is a compromise between the green and the white.

(Edit: I'm not sure I like the color scheme I used here, but I'm sure Marvel will make it look 100x better!)

Ooooh! Nifty! Great work, cph9fa!

Keep 'em coming.

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