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Default Re: The Jaimie Alexander/Lady Sif thread

Originally Posted by Silver Surfer View Post
Thor 4 will be Hemsworth's 7th Thor, I think he'd be tired of the character by then. I know Natalie will bolt. It would cost too much for Marvel to bring everyone back. They will recast along with Iron-Man. I don't see a Thor 4 happening, without a soft reboot.
Doesn't really matter if Natalie bolts by then, all that would matter anyway would be keeping the main stars, and that would be both Chris & Tom.

Sif/Thor in Thor 3 is implausible, there is no interest on Thor's part and the so called "love-triangle" was completely shelved. Marvel isn't interested in Sif/Thor that's why they minimized their screen time together, they didn't even show Thor say goodbye to her when he left for Earth to emphasize that she's just one of the guys along like Hogun and Volstagg to Thor. Thor/Jane on the other hand is the most developed and spotlighted romantic relationship in the MCU, they aren't going to dump it at the last minute.

Heck the only plausible "love-triangle" in the series is Jane/Thor/Richard LMAO!
As I said, a Thor/Sif relationship can always be introduced in Thor 3, & considering we have absolutely no idea T3 & what it will contain, it's a little on the side of "far too early" to be able to rule an idea of this nature out.

I don't see a reboot for any of these characters coming anytime soon considering they're trying to expand on the MCU. Doing a reboot would completely negate that whole idea.

Whether we get a Thor 4 or not, I don't see Marvel rebooting right after they're done with one series. That would be sloppy business anyway.

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