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Default Re: Official WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by BoredGuy View Post
His healing factor has been reduced for the past several years.
Wolverine could no longer survive being thrown into the sun or having his skin blasted off, he could just survive gunshots and stabs and all his daily superhero s***.
IDK, his agelessness is one of the biggest things I've always loved about the character, and what seperated him so much from every other hero. It's what makes him unique.
According to bleeding cool, he's gunna die in september, so by time he comes back in, like, december, he'd better have the healing factor back.
It wasn't reduced, the healing factor was just put back to normal, but too many writers like having Wolverine survive utter insanity.

In the height of the 90s with X-Cutioner's Song, Wolverine had his standard healing factor, full adamantium, and was still the brawler they'd throw head first into multitudes of enemies.

Yet after a fight like that alongside Cable and (I think) Bishop, they had to give him a few minutes to let the healing factor kick in and repair a broken rib and punctured lung. (Yeah, I always went at a broken adamantium rib too)

Now days he fights with half his face missing and the skull showing and no muscle on his arm as if it's nothing.....

Well until unkillable, but I'm really not feeling the "completely mortal" Wolverine. What was their explanation that Beast did to counter the adamantium poisoning? I remember they mentioned it in a panel.

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