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Default Re: The Jaimie Alexander/Lady Sif thread

Originally Posted by Silver Surfer View Post
They aren't going to reboot it Spiderman style, Fiege saidi he envisions MCU like the 007 franchise, with actors going in and out with soft retcons.

In regards to Sif/Thor, there is not interest, no seeds planted, no direction. Only wishfull thinking on part of some fans. MCU's Thor's has invested so much into Thor/Jane they won't abandon it at the last minute. That's why they completely erased the love triangle from Thor 2.
It wasn't completely erased seeing as they had Sif in the position of the woman who was obviously jealous (and in love). The discussion with Thor at the beginning (concerning Jane), the various looks she & Thor shared, etc. A great deal may have been cut, but it wasn't erased entirely as it was made painfully obvious that Sif had very deep feelings for Thor.

As for the franchise continuing, I still don't see Chris quitting anytime soon. Just recently when he was interviewed for TDW & T3 he was quoted as saying "yeah, bring them all on!" when asked about Surtur being a main villain. Doesn't necessarily sound like a guy who's ready to throw in the towel.

Add that to the fact that Hemsworth is 30. I can understand Downey bowing out soon because he'll be 50 next year, that's understandable. But in Hemsworth's case, from what I can tell he hasn't shown any signs of wanting to leave just yet.

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