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Default Re: How much did Ledgers death change the ending of DK?

Originally Posted by Tacit Ronin View Post
But Magneto did take affairs into his own hand and ordered Stryker's son to wipe out all of humanity right at the climax's head.
Yeah at the end of the movie after Stryker was defeated.

I envision the Joker getting what he perceives as the last laugh at the end as well. And what would entail as that to the Joker? What would amuse him? I could see him somehow telling the Gotham denizens they are very soon disintegrating by a fusion bomb. The cloud of despair in their hearts will content the Joker, as he himself happily prepares for death.
I don't see why Joker would have got any happiness from that. He only welcomed his own death when it was at Batman's or Dent's hand because it proved he pushed them over the edge and turned them into killers.

Dying with the rest of Gotham wouldn't make him happy at all. In fact Gotham's destruction is something he wouldn't want. A dead city is no fun. He never had designs on destroying Gotham in TDK.

And this is a personal fantasy, but how awesome would it have been to see the Joker kill Bane, instead of Selina Kyle?
It would have been much better than Selina doing it. She didn't have to kill Bane to show she had redemption. The fact she came back to help Batman save Gotham was more than enough to show that.

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