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Default Re: How much did Ledgers death change the ending of DK?

Yeah, Selina saving Batman. Like i said, what happens with Joker after that? Does it distract the audience for the rest of the movie if he just vanishes? Does Batman immediately capture him, and if he does, does it come off like "well that was pointless. just a way to surprise fans"...i think it would.

And the thing that people hate about the scene with Selina, is actually the point of why nolan put that in. At least i think so. Haters dont like that a woman blew him away with a canon to the chest and it was done so quick, humiliating Bane. Making him worthless in one second, instead of giving him some epic lasting dramatic death. Well, that's the point of it. He doesn't deserve glory even in death. He deserves to be shot down dead and then we move on just like it's nothing for him when he takes out somebody who is in the way of his mission.

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