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Default Re: Marvel Heroes to start tomorrow and prices for heroes revealed

Ok Details from this live stream

1. Hawkeye Fear Itself costume
2. Gambit Forever City costume
3. Howard the Duck pet with voiceover
4. Mac client will be announced soon, testing within a week or two after, launch likely next month or so
5. "Sometime this year we'll have a release that will pay homage [to a published story arch]"
6. Moonknight is coming this month.
7. Moonknight's focus will be gadgetry (crescent darts, staff, truncheon, spiked gauntlets)
8. Moonknight will have Khonsu tributes. He will be the first character to have two skills with an anti-requisite, meaning you may only choose 1 of 2 powers. One is an cooldown AOE taunt that causes him to take more damage but cannot die for the duration. The other is a cooldown that removes the spirit cost of all powers for the duration, but then decreases his spirit to 0.
9. Moonknight does more damage when he depletes his spirit
10. Moonknight will crit more when he takes damage
11. Moonknight's second costume is the black Secret Avengers costume
12. Marvel Knights Team Insignias will be added
13. Buff indicators will come when raids come out. They'll be selective.
14. Bronx Zoo will have the Lizard, Mr. Hyde and "maybe" Kraven
15. PvP will soon be out of beta

* No chance for a fortune card character
* Storm always flying isn't coming any time soon, and doesn't seem likely
* Ghost Rider has been the best received character
* Enemy affixes will become more diverse/meaningful
* Starktech items are still coming, same donation mechanic but "the implementation might change"
* Team-ups will be earned through different ways. Not obtainable through purchased heroes (i.e. Spider-man the hero doesn't unlock Spider-man the team-up)

And an article

Marvel Heroes: Latest Update Deployed & Mac Beta Coming Soon Gazillion Entertainment has a pair of news items of interest to players of Marvel Heroes Online. First off, the Forge of Asgard is now live across all servers. With the new content, players will be able to take advantage ... Read more...

and two more images

Hawkeye "Fear Itself":
This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.
Gambit "Future Endeavor":
This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.


source and the marvel Heroes Forum

The break of what took place in the live stream from me.

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