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Default Re: Superman/batman production and filming news, pictures.

New details from BvS production.

While production is, by official word, delayed until the 2nd quarter of the year, Batman on Film, comes with an update on when some filming may take place and even a photoshoot with the new Batmobile.
This is considered “rumor” at this time, so please keep this in mind until corroborating information surfaces.
According to their source, filming begin in Michigan inside MMPS (the indoor sound stages) around mid-March. On location shoots may begin in May or June. (Note: Gal Gadot has said she begins filming in May.) Their source states it may be that thesmall football game sequence, filmed on October 19 2013 between Gotham and Metropolis, ends up on the cutting room floor due to re-writes on the film from Chris Terrio.
He continues with a shoot is currently taking place in Los Angeles on the Batmobile. It’s not know if this is for use in the film or promotional purposes.
The writing team involved of Zack Snyder, David Goyer, Chris Terrio, and perhaps with sway from Ben Affleck, seems to be making positive progress towards delivering the world’s first big screen incarnation of Superman and Batman.



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