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Default Re: Where does most of TDK's critisism come from?

Originally Posted by I Am The Knight View Post
Have you seen the movie? the Spider-Man costume is pretty damn bright in ASM.

Anyway, that's like saying GI JOE: Rise of Cobra is a gritty movie because everyone is wearing black...
The color palette of the new film just looks more vibrant and reminds me more of the Raimi films. More daytime action in NYC, the big lenses, it all just feels more comic booky. It feels like a huge contrast from the first film, which is fine. Webb understandably wants to keep things fresh for himself and the audience.

There was a recent quote from Hugh Jackman about how Nolan shared with him that when he first saw the first X-Men film, he thought, "Dammit...someone beat me to the punch." (re: doing a more "realism" based superhero film).

The point isn't that Nolan invented any of this stuff, but I feel like every era has it's culturally defining blockbusters that really capture the zeitgeist and you can feel the ripple effect of that in other movies, sometimes in small ways, sometimes in big ways. It's like fashion. Things go in and out of style, but usually there's something that sparks that and makes it cool.

That is until it's "not cool anymore", which is kind of the phase we're entering now and why every studio currently seems to be chasing Marvel's model for their superhero properties.

But, when you have guys like Mendes and Abrams flat out talking about TDK in reference to their own movies, when you have Jon Favreau specifically talking about BB in reference to how he approached Iron Man then's fair to say there's been some influence.

I think an unfortunate side effect of TDKT's popularity is that you have more "Zimmer clone" scores than ever now, and that's even if you leave out the overuse of the "Inception horn" in trailers and stuff.

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