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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 3

I had a Sega Genesis, and if you thought Batman Returns on SNES was tough, on the Genesis it's damn near impossible! Got to the last fight with Penguin plenty of times but never beat him. The Batman 89 game was also great for including batmobile and batwing shooter levels. Didn't know about an arcade game for that movie, that must've been good!

Wasn't there another Batman game exclusively for GameCube based on the comic continuity and not off the Animated Series? That wasn't so great...

There was another game for Sega way back when, I remember the fighting gargoyles that spring to life in the first level...that had the best graphics of the 3 at the time.

Then Batman and Robin came along, on the Genesis that game was superb! Hang glider levels, batarang power-ups. Legit.

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