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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
And Returns on SNES isn't that hard. It is one of my favorite beat 'me ups ever created. One of my top 5 favorite on SNES.
Oh, it's a great game. The gameplay, graphics and how well it represented the movie were awesome. I probably just didn't have the patience for it when I was a kid.

Originally Posted by theShape View Post
I loved it. I agree with The Joker in that it wasn't technically a great game, but it was cool to have a cinematic BTAS game. Way better than that Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu beat-em-up crap.
Yeah, I mean it's crap now that we have the Arkham games but at the time I was definitely entertained by it, mostly just for getting to experience a new story in the Timm-verse.

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