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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Pfeiffer-Pfan View Post

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Is that the SNES version? I really need to get some more games for my SNES...

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Until the Arkham games, that and The Adventures of Batman and Robin were the best Batman games. The amount of hours I spent playing them as a kid.
The Adventures of Batman and Robin is something I've wanted to own for a while, I just cant decide if I would rather have the SNES or Genesis/Mega Drive versions as I have both consoles. They can go for high prices with either version.

Originally Posted by Pfeiffer-Pfan View Post
No Batman: Vengeance love?
I never got to play it but I had a PS1/PS2 Gamepro disc(from 2001 I think? Harry Potter was on the magazine cover) that had a trailer for the PS2 version and I would watch it over and over again wanting it bad but had no PS2. I plan on picking up the Gamecube version this year.

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