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Default Re: Is Thor "Too Difficult" A Character To Do Well?

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
Honestly, Thor isn't the most difficult. Thor presents certain problems, but so does Captain America, Hulk, and so on. I think Marvel is doing a good job with him, and I expect Thor 3 to be Thor's definitive film when all is said and done (I think it has a better set-up than even TDW had).

In my opinion, the hardest characters are guys like Spawn. Spawn is a character that requires a high budget to his power level and many of the villains he fights. But at same time, you also need to get the TONE right. This is where Spawn's 90s movie failed miserably (that and CGI was a fairly new science back then and the effects look bad). When you have to invest a lot of $$$ into a character, studios want broader appeal because they need to make more money. This is why guys like Spawn, who are generally gritty, dark, violent, etc. end up being toned down. They have to make him more kid-friendly. At least, that is the belief. Many R-rated superheroes can be done on smaller budgets. Guys as powerful as Spawn need REAL money to do properly. I think that is more of a challenge from a filmmaking stand-point than a guy like Thor. Thor can have broader appeal more easily.
I kind of disagree. I don't think a guy like Spawn necessarily need a super high budget, just a team of people that are creative. I've seen some amazing effects done in films that don't have incredibly high budgets. I do agree about keeping him dark...with guys like Spawn that's essential.

And I also completely agree with the sentiment about T3. It's going to no doubt be his biggest film (if done right) & will increase his fan-base more.

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