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Default Re: Man of Steel vs Thor TDW, seen 'em both, what do you folks think ? Compare/contra

^ I don't recall it ever being stated that the Dark Elves wore masks specifically to help regulate their breathing on other planets.

And yeah, the two movies do share some similarities. But at the end of the day, imo, it's still not enough for either movie to be a carbon copy of the other.

I also don't believe TDW "rushed" it's ending as much as MoS. In TDW, it's ending is purposely set up in a way that leads into more stories, so it's not really rushed so much as it is specific. I can certainly understand one having that gripe towards MoS, though.

Btw, one thing I do think TDW holds over MoS is Asgard when compared to Krypton. Both are beautiful & absolutely stunning in every way due to the massive amounts of detail that went into the two worlds, but I found myself liking Asgard a lot more.

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