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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

Originally Posted by BradenPickering View Post
I guess calling Batman Forever bad wasn't quite the correct phrasing to use, since that implies I didn't like it, because I did/do. But I also thought it danced along that thin line that separates clever self-aware humor from unintentional silliness, and at least with Batman & Robin you knew where everybody stood, even if it wasn't to your particular personal taste, if that makes any kind of sense. Again, I don't "hate" any Batman movie at all, really - in fact, for what it's worth, to this very day Batman Returns remains my favorite movie of all time but for as much bashing as B&R still has to endure, I do think it's the better made film, for the type of film it is.
I understand. I don't hate B&R I just prefer BF. I haven't watched any of the Schumacher Bat films long time. I seen Returns on Christmas day and TDKR few days ago. I might watch BF & B&R soon.

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