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It seemed to me Kurse was portrayed stronger than Hulk and that Hulk was a little stronger than Thor in TA. A big difference was that Kurse didnīt seem to feel pain nor did he seem to regenerate or have as inpenetrable skin as Hulk (thinking about the sword that went through Kurse) but on the other hand Loki stabbed Thor with an Asguardian knife in TA.

One could argue that this knife only works as a magic disrupter, hence only cuts through magic or Asguardian like forces (Thor is more "magic" in a way than the Hulk, if you ask me anyways) so that if someone used Lokiīs knife or sword on lets say Hulkīs skin which isnīt "magical"/Asguardian powers or a hard normal material like steel, it wouldnīt penetrate just as any knife/sword. So would Lokiīs sword/knife easily go through solid steel? Thorīs skin is harder than steel so in that case Kurse, and Thor for that matter, could have skin as or more impenetreble than Hulkīs in every aspect as long as there are no magic weapon involved.

So knowing this I would say that a Hulk under control and with such a sword would kill Kurse or Thor by simply cutting through them but I canīt be sure who has the strongest skin under conditions without any magic disrupting forces, Hulk or Kurse. I do know however that Kurse ignores pain and Hulk doesnīt and also, Hulk regenerates while Kurse doesnīt seem to or have to.

In terms of strength.
Despite Kurse hitting Thor 7 times in the face, he didnīt start bleeding more than a little from his forehead but in TA Hulk made Thorīs nose bleed in one punch. + His leviathan smash was pretty immense.

On the other hand Hulk fared worse against mjolnir like he wasnīt strong enough to withstand it the way Kurse did BUT Hulk doesnīt get hit by a flying mjolnir but grabs it in the air which isnīt the same as gettin hit by it while itīs flying. I mean, if the hammer flies way up in the air and Kurse jump way up and grabs the hammer, he wouldnīt either be able to do anything but follow with it since no one can lift it. Also, when Hulk is flying away by the hammer Thor uses his might by using an "uppercut" whilst Hulk is in mid air. Once in mid air youīre just an ordinary object incapable of using muscles to withstand mjolnir which then makes Hulk "fly" away/up. Kurse had all his muscles to prevent his body from falling since he was on the ground when mjolnir hit him the first and second time, two times where Thor didnīt swing the hammer, he threw it. Kurse also had the advantage of hearing the hammer thus making it possible for him to turn around and counter it with force which portrayed mjolnir weak compared to the might of Kurse. vs Hulk scene)

Also about the grenade... that means Thor and Hulk could be killed "that" easy. It was a little lame but made sense if Loki were to play out his scheme. I just kept thinking tho, how did Loki survive? did he go invis and pretend being hit by the sword? But honestly though Thor, swing the hammer, use all the lightning and give us some cool effects and keep hitting until the bones in the forearm starts cracking and you should be able to break the monster, fry the monster or something like it to the point where it is weakened enough for Coup de grâce.

Who do you think would win, Hulk or Kurse?
Personally Iīd say Hulk would win and Iīm not even a Hulk fan. I just think he wasnīt portrayed as strong as Kurse in comparison to Thor and I think theyīre about the same. And yes Hulk would pound Kurse and he wouldnīt be flying/going down on his knees since he uses his muscles to counter but everytime Hulk takes a hit he gets angrier and eventually he would win thx to his strength, regen, size and weight + the fact that if Hulk can make Thor bleed with one arm tells us that he can do some serious physical damage to Kurse after a while. Sure he wouldnīt feel it/care to begin with but eventually heīd become less and less functional where Hulk just would regenerate and hit harder.

If he wouldnīt grab Kurse by the leg and smash him in every direction, he would eventually grab his tusks while wresteling thx to his huge hands and lock him down because he has the advantage of being able to grab Kurse with his hands/arms/legs. Kurse wouldnīt then be able to get a good grip around Hulk basically because he isnīt of the same dimensions, thus eliminating a lot of ways to weaken/kill a Hulk. Eventually Hulk would be in a position where he has Kurse locked down. He would then Lean back, pull the tusks and eventually his neck would snap or twist.

[In before ppl start repling about how wrong this is, itīs okay. I brought an umberella ]

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