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Default Re: Superman/batman production and filming news, pictures.

New BvS suits designer quotes:

“I’m working in Detroit on Batman vs. Superman [2016] and its super cold there,” states Patrick Tatopoulos (Dark City) who, along with surviving a polar vortex which has swept North America, is handing the production design for the project which brings together the two iconic DC superheroes. “At the end of 300: Rise of an Empire [2014] I met with Zack [Snyder] and he said, ‘I going to do this movie and want you to design it.’ I was stunned. I thought, ‘Wow! Great.’ That’s where it started. This is a crazy huge movie. It’s taking a lot of energy but it’s something that someone like me needs to do in his lifetime.”

“There’s a project that is close to me that I was going to direct and I said, ‘I need to do this,’” reveals Tatopoulos, who also helmed Underworld: Rise of the Lycons (2009). “Working with Zack again was important to me because he’s an amazing director with an incredible vision. Batman and Superman is something I’ve always wanted to do. I would have chosen one or both. I got the offer and jumped on it.” The highly anticipated big screen teaming of the Man of Steel (Henry Cavill) and the Dark Knight (Ben Affleck) has been delayed from its original 2015 release date. “The big chunk that we want to do for the movie is there but there is so much more to do. For me, it’s been a blessing that it has been pushed a little bit.”


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