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Default Re: Thor characters in the MCU

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Thor - Hemsworth impresses from all angles, we honestly could not have gotten a better actor for The God of Thunder. While I was a bit disappointed with his power displays in T:TDW (Thor & TA impressed me more) he's still powerful enough to get the job done. I guess the days where Thor was portrayed to be a peer of The Man of Steel himself in sheer power are long gone now, oh well. IMPROVED

Odin - Sucks as an "All-Father", someone waltzed into Asgard murdered hundreds of Asgardians and KILLED HIS OWN WIFE! What does Odin do about? Not a damn thing, I literally have zero respect for MCU Odin as badass as he in the comics it just disheartens me to look at him in such a way. However Anthony Hopkins knocks it out of the park as far being true to the character, look, and demeanor of Odin. OK

Loki - Hiddelston impresses from all angles similar to Chris Hemsworth's Thor, I might even say I prefer their interpretations of the character's personalities. Like Thor, I think MCU has only done enough to get by in the power department although to a lesser extent that Thor. IMPROVED

Frigga - Rene Russon brings more life to Frigga than I could've ever espected, plus I've never seen comic book Frigga get down like when MCU Frigga fought Malekith! IMPROVED

The Destroyer - In my opinion I would say they did a stellar job of adapting The Destroyer's look in the MCU, I'd even say he looks better than his comic counterpart. But he was taken out far to easily for someone who was virtually unbeatable in the comics, if only he was done as much justice as Kurse. OK

Frost Giants - Although much smaller in size they seemed far more menacing than their comic selves, especially Colm Feore's Laufey and their designs were awesome. FAITHFULLY ADAPTED

Kurse - Man I can't stop thinking about what an amazing job Marvel Studios have done with this guy, I mean he's about as tough as his comic version plus he looks FAR more badass. IMPROVED
And your opinion of Sif and the Warriors Three? Heimdall? Jane?

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