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Default Re: Tomb Raider (2013) - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Hill View Post
The upgrade it's self. Charging the full $60 just tells me this is an attempt to try to get more sales for the game since they felt the game did't sell well enough. As for why most developers always go for upping the graphics when new hardware is introduced, my theory is that it's the easiest aspect of a game to improve, and it's proven that gamers/consumers respond well to the latest high-end graphics. Very few times, or ever you hear someone say, "Look at that average-looking game it's a day one purchase" It's all about frame rates and 1080p and how detailed everything looks. That's how sleeper titles are made. Beyond Good and Evil is a good example of this.
yeah i agree with you on this.Charging that much money for those kinds of upgrades is a bit too much. Furthermore, those improvements,no matter how great they are, will only be really visible of you're really paying close attention.

The new Physics for the hair, lara's gear and the grass and the leaves and whatnot sounds great but i would much rather that they've put some new contents that actually adds things to the gameplay...especially if they're charging that much money.

As for myself, graphics isn't really high on my list when it comes to playing a game. I'm prefectly happy playing Tomb Raider the way it is now.

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