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Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
The reason they aren't giving him bird telepathy? Well, a couple come to mind, but the number one is that its kludge-y. So, you've got a character who randomly has the ability to talk to birds. . . and also has a flying harness? The two are completely unrelated abilities, and would come off as an arbitrary theme rather than a coherent character concept. Doubly so when you presumably are adding "high end skill set" on top of that.

Combine that with how "avian telepathy" would be very easy to mock ( well, unless you use it in ways that are both alien to Falcon as he's usually portrayed, and would clash with the style of the movie ), and you have a problem.

How is that any different from Spider-man having a built in biological reactive spider sense, building a mechanical web shooter, and wearing a costume that has a giant webdesign on it. It's just people like you over thinking the absurdity of one character when its all absurd. It about exposing people to new character concepts and powers.

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