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Originally Posted by Spider-Gnome View Post
OK, now I have to figure out how Netflix works...

I didn't see. Did they mention if/when this goes to Blu Ray?
Dont worry, it's not complicated. You get yourself a membership (i have the 7.99 per month plan) and you're ready to watch. I do think there's a free trial, but i dont remember how long that goes for.

No mention of blu-ray, but i'm thinking yes, down the line.

Originally Posted by green View Post
I didn't see but do they plan on showing one a week or are they giving us all 13 episodes at once?
If i had to guess, i would say everything will be available at once. If it's all ready, i dont see a reason why not. For example, the netflix original show House of Cards just had its second season uploaded all episodes at once, and for other tv shows they get uploaded season by season, not one episode per week.

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